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mainstreet messenger

Product Line

The MainStreet Messenger telephone-based personal emergency response system features superior voice intercom range and clarity.

MainStreet Messenger Personal Emergency Response System with Communi-Call
Mainstreet Messenger Telephone Personal Emergency Response System with Communi-Call

Features superior voice range and clarity in an integrated, familiar and easy-to-use telephone design including senior-friendly features such as large buttons, an illuminated keypad, activity monitoring, and remote call answering. The Messenger is distinctive because it incorporates a unique Communi-Call feature that allows it to communicate directly with another telephone without the use of a monitoring station.

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Messenger Transmitters

The Messenger Wireless Personal Help Button Transmitter is fully waterproof. The FM transmission offers superior signaling, reliability, range and integrity. This small, attractive wireless transmitter may be conveniently worn on the wrist, around the neck, or affixed to a wall.

Messenger Mini Central Monitoring Station
Messenger Universal Transmitter

An easy to install and operate head-end monitoring station receives emergency signals from Messenger personal emergency response systems. It prints important information (apartment number, emergency code, time, date) on the parallel printer and can be integrated with the QuickPage paging terminal to automatically forward alarm information to pagers carried by on-site staff. The staff member can then call the resident's apartment and activate the Messenger’s speakerphone to provide a two-way voice link.

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Messenger ERS-Monitoring Station (ERS-MS) Software
Messenger ERS-Monitoring Station Software

The ERS-MS program is an easy-to-use, automated software package that effectively monitors alarms for the MainStreet Messenger. ERS-MS can be configured to handle alarms at a central location, or automatically receive alarms and forward detailed resident information to staff member pagers with QuickPage. An optional voice card will forward the same detailed information to telephones in a pre-recorded voice message format.

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QuickPage Paging Terminal
HTS QuickPageTM Integrated Paging System

QuickPage terminal integrates seamlessly with the MainStreet Messenger personal emergency response system and the Messenger Mini-Central Monitoring Station. QuickPage makes it easy to send pager messages of up to 250 characters to a specific employee or group of employees.

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