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Senior Living Communities
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Nevatec Critical Communications Platform

The Nevatec critical communications platform is a unified resident safety solution for Senior Living and Skilled Nursing applications. It is scalable to a community's size and configurable to its level of care and individual requirements and preferences. Employing the latest chipsets and communication technologies -- including active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Low Frequency (LF), Internet protocol (IP), and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) digital telephony -- the revolutionary Nevatec platform is ahead of the game when it comes to leveraging technology to maximize resident safety and optimize staff efficiency. Nevatec Systems

Solutions include wireless and VoIP nurse call, wireless emergency call, wander management, access control, automatic fall detection and staff communications, all utilizing the same unified and integrated communications infrastructure. This modular design simplifies installation and maintenance and allows staff and management access to event reporting and information for all levels of care from a single application. In addition, the platform goes well beyond traditional nurse call emergency call systems by directly and seamlessly integrating with a community's communication devices and information systems without the need for costly middleware.

The system is backed by an industry-leading five-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Floor-level location specificity, including wing or zone-level granularity, helps staff respond faster to alerts, falls, and to prevent elopements.
  • Multi-purpose wireless personal tag transmitter, which combines alert, fall detection, wander control, and locating functions into a single configurable device, support the dignity of residents by avoiding the need to wear multiple devices.
  • Tag's innovative waterproof design allows for a user-replaceable battery, greatly extending the life of the device.
  • Automatic fall detection utilizes dual-sensor technology, where others use only one; it incorporates an accelerometer to measure speed and a gyroscope to ascertain position, resulting in a higher level of reliability and a lower rate of false alarms.
  • Attractive wireless, battery-powered pull cord and push button stations and powered dome light station are continuously supervised to ensure system integrity.
  • Multi-purpose universal transmitter includes four inputs for monitoring door and window sensors, smoke alarms, or other environmental sensors.

wireless and voip nurse call system features

  • Wired, wireless, or hybrid stations allows facilities to select the most cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing installation for their community.
  • True nurse call patient (bedside) station functionality: Staff assist button to notate presence; LED call assurance light to indicate call has been transmitted; over-the-door dome light (with optional buzzer), corridor/zone light, and staff duty station.
  • Micro-processor-based Siena patient station operates independent of a server or master station controller, ensuring the system is always functional, even in the event of server or communications failure.
  • Digital sound technology, called SIENA Sound, provides high-quality VoIP communications between staff and residents with automatic adjustments for ambient noise.
  • Siena includes a LED display which allows staff in-room access to resident care plan information, such as medications, grooming or housekeeping, among others.

Wander Management features

  • Low Frequency (LF) RFID directional technology allows greater precision in maintaining the intended alarm field, ensuring alarms are reported consistently and minimizing staff alarm fatigue.
  • Multiple versions of the tag transmitter offer solutions for additional applications, such as fall detection, alert, and locating.
  • Tag's innovative waterproof design allows for a user-replaceable battery, greatly extending the life of the device.
  • An optional actively-monitored tamper-proof band offers a higher level of security than others' secure bands.
  • Assignable access control cards for staff and visitors add convenience and help maintain security and accountability in comparison to keypad-based systems.
  • Localized audible and visual alarms can be provided through a connected dome light station.

monitoring, reporting and staff Communications

  • Mobile staff communication devices facilitate alarm notification and two-way messaging across the system's wireless infrastructure, improving overall work flow and staff productivity.
  • Nurse Station voice communication with VoIP patient stations.
  • SIP communications enables the nurse station to function as an extension of an Internet Protocol (IP) telephone system, eliminating the need for 3rd party middleware or additional PC's/servers, streamlining the process of interconnecting devices, and reducing potential points of failure.
  • Robust Siena Care software suite is comprised of a server (MS-SQL) for long term storage of data and client-based console and manager applications operating over a Local Area Network.
  • Console provides real time monitoring, in both list and map views, the ability to create staff assignments, and messaging to staff devices.
  • Detailed analytics, utilizing the alarm history and reporting wizards, can be sorted by resident, room, staff response, date/time, installed devices, resident lists, and staff lists, among others.
  • Better manage documentation and save time inputting data through Siena-Care's care planning module, including automated shift care assignment via staff proximity card and the ability to view and record care planning data at a patient station.
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